Chassis Research

  • Stiffness, chassis flex and give
  • Creating the chassis around an exisiting product, such as a wheelchair or garden trolley
  • safety, role loop, seating and harness bar need mounting
  • Go aero

    Even at relatively low speeds, aerodynamics are important. Make sure your design interacts as little as possible with airflow. If you don’t interact with the air, it isn’t going to know you’re there. This will reduce drag and increase your speed.

    Budget wisely

    The costs of building a basic soapbox car can quickly add up. We saved some money by using bicycle wheels and a go-kart steering wheel, but we still spent £250 buying raw materials and getting the body panels cut out.

    Start with the wheels

    The general consensus is that 20in wheels offer the best balance of speed and stability for gravity racers. Also consider how you want it to look, and what you can afford.

    Wood or metal?

    Beginners should choose wood as their main material. The basic tools are in most people’s garage, and sheet timber is pretty cheap. All-metal cars offer greater strength and longevity, but demand more specialist skills.

  • Spaceframe, tubular design, downside is the cost could be larger
  • Monocoque, difficult and time and resource draining
  • this will be made significant when looking into steering and braking

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