Racer Regulations

Myerscough College FdSc Motorsport 2016-17

MR1200 Work Skills Development

Assignment 1 – Portfolio Project

Northern University Motorsport Programme Timed Yearly Student Race

Team outline

Each team will build two gravity racers

Gravity racer vehicle outline regulations (updated 17/11/2016)

Vehicle must have:

Four load-bearing wheels located as a matching front and matching rear pair, symmetrically about the centreline of the vehicle.

Pneumatic tyres (max width 75mm)

Active mechanical braking system on at least two wheels capable of stopping the vehicle in 25 metres

Single supplied seat – driver must be in seated position (feet forward) Geometric hand-controlled steering
Mandatory driver protection roll-over structure (see Figure 1 below) Mandatory safety harness (minimum three point fixing)

Mandatory front and rear towing shackles (see sep pdf and Figure 2 below) Mandatory LED rain-light
Minimum area of for compulsory branding of 3 x A3 or equivalent Mandatory mount for Go-Pro (or similar)


Structure/frame must be of metal construction
No suspension (other than tyre sidewalls) is permitted
No part of driver will protrude beyond safety structure while vehicle is in motion Dry weight min 30KG max 50KG
Budget £150 per team (NOT per racer)

Race regulations

Race distance will be 629 metres downhill with a gradient not exceeding 11.2% Crews can walk the course ahead of the race
One practice run will be allowed
Time from (maximum) three runs will count towards total

Minimum of two crew members must take part in the race itself

All participating crew members must wear helmet, gloves, one-piece overalls, eye protection, elbow & knee pads.

Random drugs/alcohol testing may take place before the race

Figure 1: Clarification of driver protection roll-over structure specifications (Gravity Racer Technical Specification section 10.3)

1: Safety roll-over structure (must be braced)
2: Substantial support structure
3: Minimum clearance from helmet to imaginary line 1-2 (50mm)

Figure 2: Daisy chain towing

Figure 3: Indicative course plan (tightest corner approx 30 degrees)


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