Week 8

this week the chassis team had to complete the second wheel support for the break mounting. once this was complete Adam started to link up the braking system to the steering wheel brake lever. Joe then started to weld in the additional chassis support sections to the racer. Mike continued to finish cutting the metal…

Week 7

in the work shop this week joe and i continued in mounting the rear wheel supports in order for the team to be able to attach the braking system onto the 2 rear wheels of the racer. Seren was able to compile the best collection of the brakes we have in order to have the…

Workshop Week 6

this week saw large development for the group. adam and joe mounted the steering system and front wheels and attached the rear wheels. we also created a plan to develop the strength of the chassis. jack finished the hub assembly which allowed the wheels to be mounted seven cleaned up our steering system after removing…

Workshop Week 4

adam and Joe continued work on seat mounting and roll cage Jack cut the steering metal seren bent the steering system into the correct shape. mason created the steering wheel and brake lever

Workshop Week 5

Adam and Joe finalised the role over structure and began development of further Jack developed his steering system further due to limited attendance from other team members little else was achieved

Workshop Week 3

Adam and Joe finished the chassis and seat rails. then started to add in the roll cage. Jack started to develop our steering system Mike and mason looked into the best brakes we could use Seren chopped out hub mounts for the wheels

Workshop Week 2

this week the team continued our workshop development. Adam and Joe started to assemble the frame base and weld the chassis Jack and serene removed all the brakes and cables from our donor bikes.  

Workshop Week 1

this week the team set about their individual roles as decided in the workshop. Adam, Jack and Joe set about measuring and cutting the base frame section. Mike and Mason stripped and re greased the best 14mm wheel sets

Teams CAD Design

these designs are the conceptual designs of our racer. things that we are still developing mounting methods for steering and braking.

Hubs & steering

Hubs as a team wheel could use bike hubs to utilise our design. this would be an advantage as this fits the regulations and will be able to develop a successful racer. Steering looking into go kart steering. This would be a good idea as it can create good and clear manoeuvring. we could also…

Chassis Research

Stiffness, chassis flex and give Creating the chassis around an exisiting product, such as a wheelchair or garden trolley safety, role loop, seating and harness bar need mounting Go aero Even at relatively low speeds, aerodynamics are important. Make sure your design interacts as little as possible with airflow. If you don’t interact with the…